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Flips Gymnastics and Sport


Flips has the largest facility in Western New York fully equipped with mats, beams, bars and much more to provide great activities for your children. Our amazing, spacious facility allows for us to care for over 35 different community organizations, making us a positive force in the community.


Flips is staffed with members who have teaching experience dating back to 1971. With the combination of outstanding teachers and our immense facility, we are an organization that cannot be matched. We have a great selection of kids' sports to keep your children active.


We care for children of all ages beginning from preschoolers to children over twelve. The student-to-teacher ratio for our preschoolers is 6:1 and 8:1 for our recreational classes & field trips. With this in mind, you’ll rest assured knowing that your children have undivided attention and each child will spend more time practicing their sport than waiting in line for a turn.

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